My broken video baby monitor

sad face

Without ever having used one before, I knew I wanted a video baby monitor for when RJ was born. Conceptually, it made totally sense. So like any thrifty-mom would, I ordered the cheapest one I could find on Amazon. Which was this one.

And today, dear reader, I am very sad because I dropped the receiver and the video no longer works. The audio is still working so at least I don’t have to rush out and buy a new monitor right away. Now I will have to research video monitors like crazy to see if there are any that might be cheap and durable enough to suit me.

RIP ability of receiver to display video. I only used you for 5 months, but you were great while you lasted.


Company for supper

Yesterday I felt like I was totally rocking the stay-at-home mom thing. After we went to our stroller fitness class I put RJ down for her nap. I had invited my father-in-law over for dinner so While RJ was napping I prepped these meatballs (great recipe). I also made this dessert (which was super easy and the men liked it but I thought it was mediocre). Once she was up I tidied the house and chopped up some cabbage and beans for us to have with dinner. Minutes before my father-in-law and husband both arrived home I changed out of my sweaty workout clothes and into a dress over which I wore an apron.  I had dinner ready by quarter after six because I had already done the prep in the afternoon.

We ate dinner and I had the baby bathed and in bed by 7 PM. Then I cleaned the kitchen and got to participate in a discussion about politics with the menfolk.

It was a very good day.