Free toys

Buying toys for babies and toddler for Christmas is sometimes more about the enjoyment of the adult than the child. At 14 months, many of RJ’s favourite toys are not toys. Here are some examples:

1. A box of mason jar lids. This post is brought to you by this very box of mason jar lids I am referring to which she is currently playing with. The box is important because jangling them in the box and them dumping them out is part of the fun. Also we have just discovered that these are too big to fit in the heating vent slots. A great toy!

2. A box of clothespins. A bucket of clothespins works well too. Just try it.

3. Cassette tapes. I also let her push all the buttons on the little portable stereo. Warning: she freaks out when she accidentally turns on the radio and it is tuned to static. Second warning: she pinched her fingers in a tape case once. She was upset but not very hurt and considering how often she plays with tapes I still think it’s a low injury rate.

4. A wallet. We put cards we never use and some pretend money in her wallet. She likes to pull things out of wallets.

5. An empty plastic cup. I use this at the end of meals when she is finished eating but I am not. She usually puts her leftover food in and out of it.

6. Pictures of babies: in flyers, on cards, etc. she likes to hold them and look at them.

7. A chromatic tuner. Not everyone has one of these in their house, but we have two (hubby for tuning his guitar, me for tuning my harp). It has lots of buttons and lights up in response to sound. So it’s a good toy.

What are your child’s favourite household item “toys”? Leave a comment below.


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