Video Baby Monitor Reviews: Summer Infant Ultrasight and Clearsight

After testing both of these and agonizing over the decision, I have decided to replace my old broken Summer Infant Secure Sight monitor with the Ultrasight. Here’s why:

The Ultrasight

The Ultrasight has a wide angle lens that shows the entire crib at one time, plus a zoom and pan so you can zoom in on baby. The Clearsight does not show the entire crib from where it’s placed across from the crib on a dresser in the room. The Clearsight has a zoom but no pan which makes the zoom pretty useless. Unless you have a baby who always sleeps in the middle of the crib (RJ always sleeps at one end or another).

The Clearsight

This is nitpicky but the Clearsight talk-to-baby button is next to the volume button on the receiver which means I accidentally pressed it a few times, never actually waking the baby, but I could see that it might happen at some point. My old monitor did not have a talk-to-baby button and overall I think it’s pretty useless other than to scare the crap out of your spouse when they are in the baby’s room.

The reason that choosing between these two monitors was so hard was that the Clearsight video quality is much better. But like I said, occasionally she is out of the frame. The Ultrasight video quality is good enough to see if she is standing, sitting, lying down, or lying down with her head down (these are the factors that really influence how I’m going to respond if I hear noise from the nursery). It is easier, however, to see on the Clearsight whether baby’s eyes are open or shut and what sleeping position she is in (back, side or stomach).

Both the Ultrasight and Clearsight video feeds are more jumpy than my old monitor though. What is up with that?

I’m not thrilled with either of these monitors because I feel that my old monitor did everything that it needed to (the pan, zoom and talk-to-baby are pretty unnecessary features) and had smoother video. Summer Infant discontinued my old monitor though, otherwise I would have bought it again. Hopefully Summer Infant will improve their monitors in upcoming models, because adding useless features and not improving the lacklustre video quality is kind of lame.


Book Review: Goodnight, Canada

Once you’ve read Goodnight Moon so many times that the thought of reading it one more time makes you glum, Goodnight Canada is a great book to pick up. Because RJ has a short attention span, hubby and I usually skip the first few pages that have 4-line stanzas of introductory verse and go straight into saying goodnight to all the provinces and territories. The illustrations (which I believe are done by pencil crayon) are fun and have lots of imagery that represent distinctive geographical and cultural features of the provinces.

This is the type of book that can be enjoyed with babies and I imagine it will also be enjoyed by older children as well. If you’ve traveled around Canada a bit you will probably find that this book will make you happily reminisce about your trips.

Nap Strike!

For three days in a row, RJ stayed awake in the crib during her regular morning nap time (she is currently 11 months old and naps twice per day at 930am and 230pm). I wondered if maybe she didn’t need two naps anymore and already started feeling sad about the loss of personal free time that will mean for me.

Fortunately, I consulted my copy of The Happy Sleeper because I remembered that there was a sub-heading in there called “Wait, Don’t Drop that Nap Too Early!” The book suggested that if baby goes on a nap strike, continue to put them down at their regular nap time. It might take a week for them to go back to napping normally, but often their nap strike is a disruption caused by reaching a new developmental milestone. In RJ’s case I think it was learning how to go upĀ stairs and getting more proficient at pulling up on the furniture.

After only 3 days of nap strike, RJ was back to her regular nap schedule yesterday.

I loveĀ The Happy Sleeper! So far, it has never steered me wrong. Here you can see the book’s handy napping chart (notice I dog-eared the page because I refer to it so often).