Cancer-causing meats and feeding the family

I’ve been feeling a bit disturbed about the WHO’s classification of processed meats and red meat as carcinogenic. Not that we eat a lot of processed meats in my family, but we do eat a fair amount of red meat, because I was all pumped this summer when I found a local grass-fed beef producer at the farmer’s market and bought a bunch of ground beef, which tastes amazing and is super versatile.

I heard a dietitian on the radio yesterday talking about processed meat alternatives for lunches. And for school lunches, peanut butter is out too, what does that even leave???

Tuna. She recommended tuna. And also she poaches chicken breasts in water with carrots and celery and then slices the chicken up for sandwiches.

These seemed like good suggestions, and I’d like to throw this question out to my readers…

What do you eat for meals that is super fast and healthy but doesn’t contain red meat or processed meats?

We’ve been eating a lot of scrambled eggs lately. We also have a local chicken hookup so we roast a full chicken fairly often and eat the leftovers for a few days. I really like the breaded haddock from M&M Meat Shoppe. I’m scratching my head to think of other easy and tasty foods we enjoy that I don’t put beef in. I guess I could start making vegetarian chili again like I did in my vegan days.

Please, load me up with suggestions, and even simple recipes.


3 thoughts on “Cancer-causing meats and feeding the family

  1. Isn’t extremely quick but is very simple– vegan curry. Potatoes, cauliflower, onions, carrots and chick peas cooked in coconut milk with curry spices. Or leave the spices out for baby/add them later. You can cook it basically to mush!


    1. That sounds pretty yummy. Is it possible to buy coconut milk in BPA-free cans? I wonder how this would work in a slow cooker. Probably I’d have to brown everything first (maybe during RJ’s morning nap) and then put it in the slow cooker to turn to mush.


      1. re coconut milk – you can buy it powdered in boxes and reconstitute it. this is my preference over cans since you always get the exact amount that you want.


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