Liebster Award

A fellow SAHM nominated me for this award that bloggers give to each other. I think it’s very sweet– thank you Laura! Find her blog at


Laura wrote some questions for me to answer, hopefully I can get through them before RJ wakes up from her nap.

Why did you start your blog and what motivates you to write?

I started my blog because I was lonely and I wanted to have a record of the occasionally interesting things that fill my time on this profound but also tedious journey of motherhood.

When do you find time to write in your blog?

I blog while RJ is napping, when I probably could be cleaning the food off the floor that she spilled an hour ago. 

What is your favorite/best part of your day?

My favourite part of the day is after I put RJ to bed and I get to hang out with my husband and relax. 

What helps you stay sane?

Mom and baby fitness classes.

If you had unlimited funds where would you travel to and why?

I hope we’re going back to Cuba this winter. I’m not big on traveling with a baby (its almost more trouble than enjoyment for me) but the flight is just over 4 hours and an all-inclusive means no dishes to wash. Someday when my kid(s) are older I’d like to go to Russia because I’ve read a lot of Dostoyevsky (and hubby likes Tolstoy). 

What do you love most about the city you currently live in?

I like living in Winnipeg because the weather is terrible. I used to hate the weather here but now I realize how experiencing a few months of brutal cold makes me really appreciate the other seasons. 

Where is your favorite place to shop (for clothes)?

Thrift stores.

What song puts a smile on your face no matter how many times you hear it?

I’m singing the children’s song ”I Had A Little Nut Tree” frequently these days. I like it. 

If you could stay a certain age forever, what age would it be?

I read somewhere that people are happiest when their children are between the ages of 6-12. So I’m going to say, that point in the future, let’s say, 38.

Who is your biggest fan?

Probably RJ? She should be anyway, I do a lot of things for her that I don’t do for anyone else. Like wiping her bum. 

What are three things you could not live without?

Food, sleep and love. 


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