Nap Strike!

For three days in a row, RJ stayed awake in the crib during her regular morning nap time (she is currently 11 months old and naps twice per day at 930am and 230pm). I wondered if maybe she didn’t need two naps anymore and already started feeling sad about the loss of personal free time that will mean for me.

Fortunately, I consulted my copy of The Happy Sleeper because I remembered that there was a sub-heading in there called “Wait, Don’t Drop that Nap Too Early!” The book suggested that if baby goes on a nap strike, continue to put them down at their regular nap time. It might take a week for them to go back to napping normally, but often their nap strike is a disruption caused by reaching a new developmental milestone. In RJ’s case I think it was learning how to go up stairs and getting more proficient at pulling up on the furniture.

After only 3 days of nap strike, RJ was back to her regular nap schedule yesterday.

I love The Happy Sleeper! So far, it has never steered me wrong. Here you can see the book’s handy napping chart (notice I dog-eared the page because I refer to it so often).



One thought on “Nap Strike!

  1. Nap strikes happen quite often with our little ones >.< Lilly is 22months and every few days she decides she doesn't want to nap AT ALL that day and just stays awake till bedtime. Drives me nuts what with trying to get her to sleep After every half hour or so. It's too early for her to stop napping completely, right? Either way, I've gotten more zen about it: I try to put her down 2 or 3 times max. If she sleeps she sleeps, if not, she just goes to bed earlier which is always good :p


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