Natural (“laid-back”) breast-feeding

I just finished reading this great (although somewhat longwinded) article about a better way to start breast-feeding in the early weeks after birth. This article also attempted to explain why breast-feeding is so difficult for so many women these days (and I think this explanation makes a lot of sense).

“…until very recently women didn’t need to be taught how to breastfeed. Their mirror neurons already knew. When they gave birth, mothers in the past were familiar with how to nurse their babies because they saw it growing up.

But most of today’s mothers don’t have this advantage. Many have never even seen another woman breastfeed without a cover. And the only breastfeeding images they usually see are of women nursing in sitting-up-straight feeding positions—positions that also make it impossible for newborns to help.”

So with that in mind, rather than trying to explain the how-to of this breast-feeding method to you, I will just recommend that you go to this site to watch a few videos.


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