Infant Cereals

I had a meeting with a dietician a couple weeks ago because I was still feeling stressed out about how RJ’s nurse practitioner thinks she is not gaining enough weight. The dietician (who specializes in infant nutrition) recommended that I feed RJ cereal twice per day (among other things).

Today I  rediscovered my copy of “The New Basics” by Michel Cohen (I can’t believe I haven’t reviewed that book for this blog yet because I absolutely love it). He is actually quite anti-cereal in the book. Although I don’t agree 100% with all of his advice, I was having some major cognitive dissonance about this. So I did a bit of googling.

I stumbled upon this great post about infant cereals by another Mommy blogger. Her blog looks really great actually. She is much more educated about science than I am and her content is really interested. AAANNND she is putting out a book that will be released in August. It looks like a good one, hopefully I’ll get my hands on a copy to review for my blog.

Today’s takeaway: I think I am going to reduce the amount of infant cereal I feed to RJ (mostly because I think it’s making her constipated).


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