Baby Shower Gifts

A friend of mine needs to buy a baby shower gift so I thought this would be a good opportunity to compile a list of suggested gifts. My first suggestion is to ask the mom-to-be if she is registered somewhere. If she is, just buy something from the registry. If she isn’t, here are some ideas, based on things I own and like or wish I own.

1. A Wubbanub, as I have previously mentioned

2. Books: your favourite children’s book, or books with high-contrast graphics (or in black and white).

3. A rattle: I like these ones from IKEA. They are RJ-approved. They have a few skinny limbs for her to grab onto and also suck on.

4. Sophie the Giraffe is a classic, but please include a gift receipt if you get one, as they are a popular gift.

Sophie the Giraffe: A Classic

5. A random toy: I just bought RJ something along these lines from Walmart. It has everything a baby could want in a toy: an internal chime, crinkly wings, a teething thing to chew on, and a mirror. Bonus if you find a toy that can go in the washing machine.

6. Tommee Tippee Air Style Pacifiers and a soother clip. For whatever reason, these pacifiers stay in RJs mouth, whereas a normal pacifier doesn’t. Look for a soother clip with no metal parts (I’ve seen either plastic or silicone clips) because a metal alligator clip (which is really common) can really be hard on baby’s skin (I know this from experience).

7. A rear-facing carseat mirror (something along these lines): I should really just buy myself one of these. I imagine it would be super useful for when you are driving and the baby is crying (which is about 50% of the time and super distracting, I might add) so you can see if they are crying because something is covering their face (e.g. a hat or toy) or just because they are a baby.

8. Baby hygiene products: I really like the Earth Mama Angel Baby line of products. It has a good price point considering the quality of the ingredients (and lack of weird chemicals). I’ve used their baby lotion, mama lotion for stretch marks, and diaper balm.

9. Baby clothes: this should be a post unto itself.

The perfect 24/7 outfit for the first 6 months of baby’s life

0-6 month clothing: PLEASE don’t buy a new mom outfits that require socks. It’s way too much hassle. Maybe if it’s a spring/summer baby they just have bare feet? Babies have pretty bad circulation though. I’m a fan of cotton footed pyjamas with zippers instead of snaps. Especially if they have pretend shoe appliqués. Then it’s like a daytime, going out outfit. And try not to buy anything that needs to be pulled over baby’s head. This is unpleasant for everyone involved.

6 months and beyond: by this age, a parent is probably less overwhelmed with the effort of looking after a baby. This is the stage where I’ve started to be willing to pull things over RJs head and put tiny socks and her for the sake of UNBELIEVABLE CUTENESS. So if you can’t resist buying adorable and less practical outfits, buy them in larger sizes and remember to think of what season it will be when the baby fits into those clothes (RJ fit 6 month clothes at 4 months which I think is not uncommon).

10. A BabyHawk Carrier: These work well with a newborn or older baby. I was at a baby wearing meet up the other day and there was only one man present. He said that this is the one carrier he uses (his wife has multiple types). My husband also uses this carrier. It’s user-friendly and popular with men and women.

Final bonus gift suggestion… a gift certificate for massage (search around to find a RMT who has specialized training in pre- and postnatal massage).


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