Baby Poo Stains

Yesterday morning I woke up and stared at RJ. She was wearing an aqua-coloured sleeper that really made her blue eyes pop. I was thinking ”her eyes are so pretty. That sleeper is so nice.” Then I picked her up out of the crib and saw that she had had a big diaper blowout all over that almost brand-new sleeper and onto the blanket beneath her.

I followed the poo removal instructions on this site (scrubbed off loose poo under running cold water, soaked 2 hours in oxy clean in the sink, warm wash in machine, air dry in sunlight).

Today there is a creepy looking RJ-effigy hanging in my sunniest window and I am happy to report that the stain is completely gone



One thought on “Baby Poo Stains

  1. Diaper blowouts ruined most of my newborn white clothing! It happened so often that I didn’t always have the time to soak it first…ughhh hahaha. Funny how after a few of those, you have no issues with poop/poop getting on you, etc.


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