Fresh Air on a Brisk Day

I have so many saved draft posts that I intend to finish “soon”. It’s similar to how it takes me several attempts to finish emptying the dishwasher. I start emptying while I’m making toast, then stop to eat the toast. The next round, I am interrupted by a crying baby. And so on…

I haven’t been getting around to blogging much because honestly, I’m either multi-tasking housework/baby care or I’m too tired to multi-task housework and I’m sitting on the couch passively consuming media: internet articles, books, magazines, online television.

I hear a lot of mothers of older babies talk about their babies’ sleeping habits. It sounds like hell. And I feel like I shouldn’t complain because RJ wakes up a few times in the night. But I REALLY LIKE SLEEPING! I was a 9-10 hours per night sleeper before baby. Now last night, RJ and I went to bed at 11, then she was up at 330am. I fed her and changed her and she fell asleep eating, then woke up when I put her back in the crib and wouldn’t go back to sleep. Around 5am I entered meltdown mode and went down to the spare room to wake up hubby. But basically, I ended up resorting to the cry-it-out method last night out of frustration, not out of some calculated smart mommy intention. But does the intention matter?

RJ cried pretty hard for half an hour. In books I’ve read, other moms said their babies cried for 10 mins with cry-it-out. Lucky them. We went in after half an hour and RJ was still awake but not crying. She was exhausted. Hubby rubbed her head and she fell asleep. It was an ugly night.

Today I decided to walk to the bookstore with RJ for some retail therapy. It was about -25°C with the windchill, so we got suited up. This involves putting her in the Boba carrier wearing a normal sleeper and a hat. Then I zip everything into a large coat that used to belong to my sister (lucky her, she moved to Vancouver and no longer needs said large coat). then I tie a blanket around me to cover part of my face and create a tent over RJ’s head. Also, yesterday I bought some cleats because the sidewalks are super icy and I have terrible visions that run through my head in which I slip and fall forward and crush RJ as her head is smashed open on the ice.

Kako ICETrekkers from MEC, the cleats that my dad recommended (he’s a connoisseur)
Random woman in a Boba in much nicer weather

Anyway, we had a nice walk to the bookstore and bought two books to read together later. She’s still sleeping in the Boba as I write this.

We bought this book
We also bought this book

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