A Favourite: The WubbaNub

This ingenious contraption is called a WubbaNubb. I named ours Mickelthwate after the conductor of the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra. Hubby generally refuses to refer to this toy by his proper name, which I think is a bit disrespectful, as Mickelthwate has been an excellent friend to RJ.

We bought Mickelthwate a week ago because RJ had a cough which sometimes made her cough until she brought up her milk (which is not that shocking because it happens for the same reason babies spit up in general — their lower esophageal sphincter isn’t finished developing). Because you can’t give cough medicine to a baby… you aren’t really supposed to give any medicine to babies… my strategy was to plug her mouth with a soother after she ate to suppress her coughing (and also her crying, which stimulated her coughing).

Mickelthwate is proving to be an excellent toy for baby even beyond being used as a cough suppressant. He is just the right size for her little hands to grab (grabbing is a new skill she’s working on), and the little extra weight of the duck part means that when she’s lying down he stays in her mouth (we have to hold other pacifiers in her mouth). The WubbaNubb would make an excellent baby shower gift.


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